IARC’s clients are some of the most vulnerable people in Australia. They are often fleeing persecution, torture and violence. Most have been granted entry to Australia on humanitarian or protection visas, and they now want to be reunited with family and loved ones. Others are seeking asylum. Many have experienced significant trauma and suffer from depression and anxiety, or other physical illnesses and may be homeless, victims of domestic violence, have disability or mental incapacity. All our clients live with significant disadvantage.

Please help us to help them. Your donation will make a difference.

While IARC receives funding from the government it is not enough and with your donations, we can reach more vulnerable people and help them to find a safe place in Australia for themselves and their families. Help us to send a message of equality, inclusion and hope by supporting access to a just and equitable immigration outcome.

IARC is a registered charity and all donations are tax deductible.

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